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Sexual Transmutation

(Excerpt from The Book “The Rosicrucian Om Order. The Order Of Melchisedek” by V. M. Om Yeo Wams Om.)

1. For the achievement of our dearest goals on the Path of the CROSS and the ROSE, it is indispensable, before anything, to maintain a life of CHASTITY.

2. It is through Real Chastity how we can store in us plenty of raw material, of divine seed that offer us the necessary potentiality to awaken and to develop the Shakras of our internal bodies and to conquer all those marvelous powers that turn us into MASTERS of LIFE, DEATH, LOVE and that convert us into authentic MEN, into ANGELS and into GODS.


3. Sexual Energy is the result of the primordial matter with which enter into functioning the magnetic wheels or Shakras of the internal bodies.

4. The Divine Energy contained in the ENS SEMINIS, in the human seed, must be transformed, transmuted from its eminently material aspect into energy eminently Divine.

5. There are three ways to Transmute:


Nadis of Woman and Man

6. UNIPOLAR and BIPOLAR Transmutation are those ones that he who aspires to the great White Lodge does it when still has not reached the WEDDING ALTAR, or has not found the “companion” of work in the Magnus Work.

7. INTEGRAL Transmutation is the one that carry out the MYSTIC LOVERS and it is lived between one man and one woman united in WEDDING with the end of CHRISTENING THEMSELVES. To this practice of Transmutation is called SOLAR ARCANE, REAL ARCANE, A.Z.F. ARCANE, GREAT ARCANE, MAITHUNA, etc.

8. All those who aspire, ROSICRUCIAN serious students, must necessarily practice sexual Transmutation.


9. Previously indicated exercises for the awakening and development of the IGNEOUS ROSES or SHAKRAS, will only be practiced after having done a Unipolar Transmutation exercise, being or not the practitioners of married civil state.

10. There are a diversity of methods for the practice of Unipolar Sexual Transmutation; that is, for those bachelors and unmarried men. Next we will give you a very simple to do exercise that gives excellent results for the semen transmutation avoiding all types of erotic manifestations during normal sleep, voiding consequently the “wet” dreams and nocturnal pollutions.

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