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I. A. L. OM

Individuality Activity Location OM

Om Mandala

(Excerpt from The Book “Alchemical Wedding” by V. M. Om Yeo Wams Om.)

24. So that you have a life full of Conscience, so that you become completely conscientious, so that you liberate yourselves from the heavy chains of the unconscious, you will constantly live, indefatigably and at all times, at each second, day and night, the key to the division of the conscientious attention center, the code of IAL.

25. The Conscience is the one that has to awaken.

26. It is the Conscience that has to obtain the division of its corresponding center into Individuality, Activity and Location.

I:  Individuality  
A:  Activity  
L:  Location   

27. He, who is anxious to awaken Conscience, we reiterate, must request, ask his Intimate, his Father, who dwells in secret, and his Divine Mother Kundalini, to be awaken, that they awaken that which is the Conscience, the Buddhata.

28. Thereafter, he will concentrate all his attention in his Buddhata, in his Individuality (I), will try to make himself one, totally integral… Then, without losing his individuality, always carrying out the practice with his heart, his Buddhata and his individuality, will proceed to have full Conscience of his Activity, of that which at a given moment he is doing (A).

29. Having a magnificent perception of Individuality and his Activity, he will broaden his sphere of perception and will grasp his Location, the place where he finds himself (L), in such a way that all his being lives, at the same time and without alternability: Individuality, Activity and the Location.

30. This exercise, certainly difficult, is not carried out with the mind, but with the heart.

31. The mind fails in this type of exercises, so they have to be practiced with the heart.

32. With the I.A.U. code, all mystical lovers will awaken conscience, they will liberate themselves from the ego and free they will surmount themselves up to the snow-white summits of the Shahmadi.



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