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Sexual Energy and Sexual Alchemy

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Sexual Energy, Sexual Alchemy

(Excerpts from The Book “Alchemical Wedding” by V. M. Om Yeo Wams Om.)

1. In the whole infinite cosmos there is movement, life, light and fire because there is energy in it.

2. No microbe, no plant as insignificant it may be, no living creature, as insignificant it may be, could have the least minimum expression of life if this would lack energy.

3. Energy is the causa causorum for the existence of life.

4. That fountain of life for every existence emerges from the sun.

5. Energy is the fountain of life and death.

6. That fountain of life for all existence originates in the sun.

7. The sun is life.

The whole life comes from the sun.

Without sun there is no energy… There is no life.

Storm and Sunset

8. All and each one of the cells form the vital energy absorbing element that flows from the sun.

9. Each cell constantly absorbs solar energy. In our planet Earth, the solar energy accumulative fountain establishes the oceans, seas waters, etc. and also the whole terrestrial crust and the integral life that over it is made known: trees, shrubs, plants, etc., but the fundamental life deposit captured from the solar fountain we find it in the water.

10. “Everything comes out from the water and everything goes back to the water”.

11. The solar energy springing from the sun accumulates itself in the organic waters. These organic waters establish the “Ens séminis” that every animal carries in itself.

12. Al those erogene substances secreted by the sexual glands are the organism’s generative and regenerative potency súmmum.

Christ from Waters

19. The best that life could offer is precisely sexual energy which determines the sexual function.

20. Sexual functions present the most exquisite life’s delights but, lamentably, unconscious people do not enjoy life but vices.

Anchors at Breakwater

24. How could a fornication vice slave enjoy life…?

25. To enjoy, to live life one has to be completely free.

26. To enjoy life one has to have power and virtue.

27. One of the magnificent joys that chastity virtuous power offers the human being is happiness.


43. The most powerful energetic fountain that the human being counts with is in his own seed.

44. Many were the power and virtue searchers, who succumbed in the anguish search, on the other side of the oceans, in the corner of a laboratory, etc.

45. May are still the ones that dream about finding the long life’s elixir, the philosopher’s stone and they dedicate their life to travel by remote places or to study thick books of chemistry, medicine, alchemy, etc.

46. All that energetic fountain, capable of regenerating human organism and capable of granting it an eternal and inexhaustible youth, as well as that magnificent elixir that cures every sickness and the precious jewelry that transforms mean metals into pure gold, are found in oneself, within oneself and it is simply the sexual energy.


54. The sex is the most powerful force that every human being possesses within himself.

55. All that work is because of the Sexual Energy wisely used.

56. The most powerful force in the universe is not the atomic energy, but the solar energy and the human sperm is found to be made by that magnificent fountain of solar energy.

57. Solar energy is sexual energy. Sexual energy is solar energy. We have the sun in our sex.

58. The sun is life… Do not extinguish it with fornication.

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